Matthew, Mauritius and his companions

Date of news: 21 September 2016

Fol. 240r

In the middle we see Matthew, depicted as a bare-footed apostle wearing a long robe. In his hands he holds a halberd, which is the instrument he was tortured with. Before Christ called upon him to become one of his apostles, Matthew was a publican. His feast day is celebrated on 21 September. The second prayer in this section is addressed to Mauritius of Agaunum and his companions, who include Candidus, Exuperius, Victor, Innocentius, Vitalis and the martyrs of the Theban Legion. They were all killed during the rule of Emperor Maximilian. As the miniature follows this prayer, the two men on the left and right are most likely Mauritius and one of the companions. They are depicted as Roman soldiers with armour and shields, weapons and banners. It is unclear why the man on the left, probably Mauritius, is wearing a crown.