Other people

In the 'Drillingsberichte', names of various other people are regularly mentioned. Often they are visiting family members or neighbourhood children the daughters are playing with, but also names of people Felix worked with. Of many names we have not yet traced who the persons are, of a number of people who are not family members, but do play a role in the 'Drillingsberichte' more information can be found below.

Mieke Mesdag met Otto Birman en Lisbeth Birman - Oestreicher (1947)Mieke Mesdag was a secretary at Ernst Laqueur's laboratory in Amsterdam.  She meant a lot to the family. She helped with emigration requests, each time officially declaring the person concerned to be a reliable person. During the war Laqueur's house was registered in her name, so that the Jewish family would not be discovered so quickly and the house would not be expropriated. After Ernst Laqueur's death in 1947 she became the guardian of Beate, Helli, and Maria.

Herman en Jantje Braakhekke

Herman and Jantje Braakhekke are the (then) childless couple from Grossel who take Helli into hiding on their farm. They take care of her, who is now called Elly Strijker. At the end of August 1944, Herman and Jantje have a daughter, Annie. They see Annie's birth as a reward from God for taking in Helli.

Uri' is the name in the letters for Gerda's grandmother Ida Löwenthal-Levi (3-1-1860 Breslau - 1940s Bergen).

Walter and Else Löwenthal are the brother and sister-in-law of Margerethe Laqueur. They are sometimes mentioned in the letters.