Various publications have been issued about the people mentioned in the Drillingsberichte. For example, there are the camp diaries of Felix Oestreicher and Renate Laqueur and the diary of Gerda Oestreicher-Laqueur, but there are also books about Ernst Laqueur and Organon and Helly Oestreicher, Maria Austria and Lisbeth Oestreicher and their art. A collection of literature is listed below that may be of interest in further research into the people in the Drillingsberichte.

  • Website of the Oestreicher family, with more information on the family members:
  • The photos on this website (and many more) are archived at the Maria Austria Institute (MAI)
  • More information on Ernst Laqueur and his career can be found in the biography: Knegtmans, P. J. Geld, ijdelheid en hormonen. Ernst Laqueur hoogleraar en ondernemer. Boom: Amsterdam 2014.
  • More information on Laqueurs company Organon can be found in: Tausk, M. Organon De geschiedenis van een bijzondere Nederlandse onderneming. Nijmegen: Dekker & Van de Vegt 1978.
  • Felix's diary written in Westerbork, Bergen Belsen and Tröbitz (in German): Oestreicher, F. H. Ein jüdischer Arzt-Kalender. Durch Westerbork und Bergen-Belsen nach Tröbitz. Konzentrationslager-Tagebuch 1943-1945. Konstanz: Hartung-Gorre Verlag 2005.
  • Felix's poems written in the concentration camps (in German and translated into Dutch, an English version of the book is also available entitled Afterward): Oestreicher, F. Naderhand/Nachher. Enschede/Doetinchem: AFdH Uitgevers 2013.
  • Gerda's diaries: Oestreicher-Laqueur: Gerda's Tagebücher. Deutsch-jüdisch-niederländische Familiengeschichte 1918-1939. (Bearbeitet und kommentiert von Maria Goudsblom-Oestreicher). Hg. Oestreicher H. e.a. Konstanz: Hartung-Gorre Verlag 2010.
  • Book about and featuring the work of Lisbeth: Wangler, W. Bauhaus-Weberei am Beispiel der Lisbeth Oestreicher = Bauhaus-weaving of Lisbeth Oestreicher. Keulen: Verlag der Zeitschrift Symbol 1985.
  • Book of photographs by Marie Oestreicher: Nieuwenhuizen, K. Maria Austria. Amsterdam: De Bezige Bij 1976.
  • Book/Catalogue: Biography and Photographs of Marie Oestreicher: Frijns, M. Maria Austria, Fotografe. Enschede/Doetinchem: AFdH Uitgevers 2018.
  • Gerda's diaries have been collected and introduced by her daughter Maria: Goudsblom-Oestreicher, M. Gerdas Tagebücher. Deutsch-jüdisch-niederländische Familiengeschichte 1918-1939. Konstanz: Hartung-Gorre Verlag 2010.
  • Renate's camp diary, which she kept in Bergen Belsen, shows that she hardly mentions Felix and his family, once by name and a few times anonymously, while Felix mentions her regularly. Laqueur, R. Dagboek uit Bergen-Belsen Amsterdam 1965 (also published in German and English).
  • A book in which Saskia Goldschmidt (the daughter of Renate's ex-husband Paul) unravels what her father, Paul Goldschmidt, went through during the Second World War: Golschmidt, S. Verplicht gelukkig. Uitgeverij Cossee 2011.
  • Book about and with works by Helly Oestreicher: Boot, M., te Duits, T., Kessler, B. et al. Helly Oestreicher. Haarlem: 99 Uitgevers/Publishers 2011.
  • Catalogue accompanying an exhibition by Helly Oestreicher: Herst, S. & Oestreicher, H. Helly Oestreicher. Breda: de Beyerd 1989.