Past events

This page provides an overview of the past events organised by Byzantines Studies.

Conference 'Byzantine Studies Alive!' (2016)

On 16-17 June 2016 Daniëlle Slootjes and Mariëtte Verhoeven, researchers at Radboud University and members of Byzantine Studies Netherlands organized the international conference Byzantine Studies Alive! at Radboud University Nijmegen

The conference brought together both junior and senior scholars from various disciplines such as Byzantine history, art history, literature and archaeology, who showed that the diversities and complexities have made Byzantium into a fascinating world worth of our attention and that Byzantine Studies is far from dead. The conference focused on two major themes:

  1. Byzantium as a key player in the relationship between East and West, A.D. 330 -1453, and
  2. The position of Byzantine heritage, 7th Century - present day

Keynote Speaker was professor Averil Cameron (University of Oxford), author of Byzantine Matters (2014). A complete overview of the speakers and the titles of their presentations can be found in this pdf. (pdf, 127 kB)

As an outcome of the conference, the volume 'Byzantium in Dialogue with the Mediterranean. History and Heritage' was published with Brill Publishers in 2019. In thirteen contributions, the volume shows that throughout the centuries of its existence, Byzantium continuously communicated and exchanged with other cultures and societies on the European continent as well as North Africa and in the East.

Book 'Byzantine in Dialogue with the Mediterranean'

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