International Commission for Historical Demography

The International Committee for Historical Demography (ICHD) is an association of members of different nationalities, whose aim is to encourage the study of the history of population and of human society in general and to further scientific exchange between researchers.

The ICHD takes an interest in initiatives aiming at the development, the diffusion and the teaching of the science of historical demography.


Marius Eppel
ICHD General Secretary
Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca
Romanian Academy, branch Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Questionnaires longitudinal databases

The historical community is now fortunate to have a growing number of large-scale, public databases of life histories from the past. Some of these databases have been under development for a long time, such as the Demographic Database in Umea, the Utah genealogical database, the Scania database in Lund and the PRDH and BALSAC in Quebec. Others are relatively recent, such as the Historical Sample of the Netherlands, and data collection activities are underway in other European countries as well as in Japan and China.

For a complete overview of objectives, sources and contents regarding these public databases, please consult the list available at the European Historical Population Samples Network website:

Native American Family by Everett