About the ICHD

The International Commission of Historical Demography (ICHD) is an international organization whose permanent domicile is at Geneva, Switzerland.

The Commission was founded in August 1960 on the occasion of the World History Congress in Stockholm, Sweden. Thereby, the ICHD is the oldest organization of historical demographers in the world. In 1964, it was accepted as an internal Commission of the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS). In Oslo 2000, the ICHD amended the statutes and became an independent International Association, affiliated to ICHS.

All members of 41 different nationalities are prominent researchers in the field of the history of population and human society. Since 1960, the board and the active members meet once every five years mostly on the occasion of an international scientific conference. The ICHD is responsible for organizing meetings, working-groups and sessions at world conferences. Some of the sessions which were organized in the past, are for example: 'Aging in Historical Perspective', 'Domestic Service and Domestic Servants' and 'New Sources for Historical Demographic Research'(World History Conference, Sydney, 3-9 July 2005). The Commission is also responsible for publications on various historical demographic topics.

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