Impact of Empire

The International Network Impact of Empire was founded at Nijmegen, July 2, 1999. It brings together some 200 ancient historians, classical philologists, archaeologists and specialists in Roman law from all over the world. What binds them – besides the often long-lasting ties of friendship and a heartfelt enthusiasm for exchanging knowledge about the ancient world - are their research interests in the sheer existence of the Roman Empire and the consequences of its actions in the regions it dominated (i.e. a large part of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East).


Impact of Empire
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The Netherlands

Dr. Lien Foubert (

Latest publication

  • Sophia Bönisch-Meyer, Dialogangebote. Die Anrede des Kaisers jenseits der Offiziellen Titulatur [IMEM 39], Leiden-Boston, 2021.

Upcoming publication

  • Marietta Horster - Nikolas Hächler, The Impact of the Roman Empire on Landscapes [IMEM 41], Leiden-Boston, 2021.


The aim of the International Network Impact of Empire (IMEM) is to organize interdisciplinary workshops at regular intervals and in different countries and to publish the ensuing proceedings in an Impact of Empire series in collaboration with Brill’s publishing house, a scholarly stronghold in the field of Humanities. The network wants to give young researchers the opportunity to present their work in an international interdisciplinary setting of senior colleagues and to profit by the feedback they receive. As from 2019, all proceedings of the previous IMEM workshops, up to and including the forthcoming Mainz volume, are available through Open Access.

Impact of Empire Series (IMEM)

Impact of Empire Series published by Brill

Besides the proceedings of the network’s workshops, the Impact of Empire series (IMEM) also publishes high-quality monographs and collections of essays in English, German and French in collaboration with Brill, a publishing house with over 300 years of experience in scholarly publications. The publications in the series reflect the aims and scope of the network and focus on the consequences of the existence of the Roman Empire in the wide, culturally heterogeneous region it dominated. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by anonymous referees during a procedure that takes on average 4 months. An editorial board of internationally renowned scholars advises on the series publication strategies and operates on occasion as reviewers.

For more information or to submit manuscripts, please contact dr. Lien Foubert (, contact at Impact of Empire), Mirjam Elbers or Giulia Moriconi ( or, contacts at Brill).