The Profane Arts of the Middle Ages/ Les Arts Profanes du Moyen – Âge: Medieval Imagery in Northern Spain

Vol. VI, No. 2, Autumn 1997

Editorial (pdf, 561 kB)

Exemplum Corner (pdf, 321 kB)

Isabel Mateo Gómez: Gothic choir stalls in Spain (pdf, 13 MB)

Maria Rosa Terés: The choir stalls of the cathedral of Barcelona (pdf, 1,4 MB)

Marie Dolores Teijeira Pablos: The choir stalls of Léon Cathedral (pdf, 2,9 MB)

Marie Dolores Teijeira Pablos: The choir stalls of the Cathedral of Astorga (pdf, 2,7 MB)

Marie Dolores Teijeira Pablos: The choir stalles of Santa Maria la Real de Nájera (pdf, 5,6 MB)

Marie Dolores Teijeira Pablos: The stalls of Oviedo Cathedral (pdf, 3,3 MB)

Andres A. Rosende Valdes: The Galician choir stalls (pdf, 12 MB)

Frédéric Billiet: Iconographie musicale dans les stalles espagnoles (pdf, 10 MB)

Isabel Mateo Gómez: An accounting of a Flemish proverb (pdf, 4,5 MB)

Elaine C. Block: Iconograophy of choir stalls in Barcelona (pdf, 16 MB)

Bibliography: Choir stalls in Spain (pdf, 279 kB)

Elizabeth B. Moore: Marital virtue and sexual satire (pdf, 8,2 MB)

Ariela Erez: Misericords carved by André Sulpice (pdf, 6 MB)

Yona Pinson: The interrupted banquet (pdf, 5,4 MB)

John Cherry: Good and evil in the British Museum (pdf, 2,2 MB)

Book reviews (pdf, 3,4 MB)

Kristiane Lemé: Qui a réalisé les stalles de Dordrecht? (pdf, 2,8 MB)

N. Lee Wood: Marginalia - 100% Pure History from Concentrate (pdf, 616 kB)

Queries & Responses (pdf, 87 kB)

Recent Publications (pdf, 244 kB)

Unpublished Papers and Work in Progress (pdf, 652 kB)

Forthcoming events: Concerts and Exhibitions, Colloquia (pdf, 1,8 MB)