Publications of Elaine C. Block

In the course of her lifelong research, Elaine Block published continuously on the subject of the wooden church furniture. The series Corpus of Medieval Misericords is still considered standard reference works on this subject. The more than 11.000 pictures taken are processed in the Elaine C. Block Database of Misericords which is one of the digital image collections of the Index of Christian Art website of Princeton University. The photographic copyright is owned by the foundation of Misericordia International

  • Frédéric Billiet, Jos Koldeweij, Christel Theunissen (eds.), Corpus of Medieval Misericords: Belgium and the Netherlands, Turnhout 2010.
  • Corpus of Medieval Misericords: Iberia, Turnhout 2004.
  • Corpus of Medieval Misericords: France, Turnhout 2003.

man pulling his beard throwing roses before the pigs pelican feeding its young with its blood

Her enthusiasm and commitment are also visible in the following books and articles in chronological order:

  • Elaine C. Block, Frédéric Billiet, Lexique Des Stalles Medievales/ Lexicon for Medieval Choir Stalls: Liturgical Furniture XIII to XVI Century, Turnhout, forthcoming.
  • Paul Hardwick (ed.), The Playful Middle Ages. Meaning of Play and Plays of Meaning: Essays in Memory of Elaine C. Block, Turnhout 2010.
  • Elaine C. Block , Malcolm H. Jones e.a. (eds.), Profane Imagery in Marginal Arts of the Middle Ages, Turnhout 2009.
  • ‘The Jew on Medieval Misericords’, in: Adrian P. Tudor, Alan Hindley (eds.), Grant Risee? The Medieval Comic Presence = Grant Risee? La Présence Comique Médiévale: Essays in Memory of Brian J. Levy, Turnhout 2006, 73-99.
  • ‘Les chemins vers le ciel ou l'enfer représentés sur les miséricordes médiévales’, in: Frédéric Billiet (ed.), Bible de bois du Moyen Age: Bible et liturgie dans les stalles médiévales, Angers: Editions de l’UCO, 2003, 65-88.
  • ‘Liturgical and Anti-liturgical Elements on Medieval Choir Stall Carvings’, in: Colum Horihan (ed.), The Word, the Image, the Object: Art in the Service of the Liturgy. The Index of Christian Art, Princeton 2003.
  • Elaine C. Block, Frédéric Billiet (eds.), Les stalles de la cathédrale de Rouen. Histoire et iconographie, Rouen 2003.
  • Miséricordes: Images profanes des lieux sacres, Paris 2002.
  • ‘The Green Man: Link between Two Worlds: Foliate Heads on Medieval Misericords’, Reinardus 13 (2000), 1, 15-34.
  • ‘Choir Stall Carvings of Reynard and Other Foxes’, in: Kenneth Varty (ed.), Reynard the Fox: A Social Engagement and Cultural Metamorphoses in the Beast Epic from the Middle Ages to the Present, New York, Oxford 2000, 125-62.
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  • Misericords in the Rhineland, Lakewood 1996. (full document (pdf, 9,1 MB))
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  • ‘A Hidden Pageant from the Middle Ages’, New York Times Travel Section, 30th December 1984.

For more literature see The Profane Arts of the Middle Ages and other publications.