Carlijn Cober receives 2021 OSL Award for best article

Date of news: 23 December 2021

Carlijn Cober has won the 2021 OSL Award in the category 'Published Article'. The OSL Awards are intended to acknowledge original and innovative contributions to the field of literary studies and to highlight the work of talented OSL students and scholars.

The Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies (OSL) is the national research network for literary theory, comparative and (trans)national literature, and interdisciplinary approaches to literature in the Netherlands. This year awards were given to the best ReMA Thesis, PhD Thesis, Peer-reviewed article, and Valorization and public outreach. The OSL Awards come with prize money of € 500,- for each award.

Award for best article

Carlijn Cober is a PhD candidate on the affective effects of literature at the Radboud Institute for Culture and History (RICH). She received the Peer-reviewed article Award for her article My Landskap is myne verhard: A Topopoetics of Displacement in Ingrid Jonker’s Ontvlugting (1956) and Ek dryf in die wind (1966) that was published in Imbizo: Journal of African Literary and Comparative Studies (2018). In her article, Cober presents a careful close reading of two poems by South African poet Ingrid Jonker.

According to the OSL jury, Cober’s article presents a skilfully executed scholarly argument: she explores whether it is possible to present a novel reading of a canonised poet’s work (Ingrid Jonker) by introducing a topographic approach (the theoretical foundations lucidly explained in the theoretical section) and operationalising this approach to make it useful for a critical close-reading of the selected poems.

Other winners

In the category PhD Thesis, Dr Roel Smeets was the runner-up with his thesis Character Constellations: Representations of Social Groups in Present-Day Dutch Literary Fiction, Radboud University. According to the jury, the thesis presents an original combination of narratology and digital humanities, managing to synthesize a broad range of perspectives while maintaining a clear focus.

The winner of the award for ReMA Thesis is Marit van de Warenburg (Utrecht University). The award for PhD thesis was awarded to Kila van der Starre (Utrecht University). Van der Starre also received the award for Valorization and public outreach.