Affiliated institutes

Affiliated with RICH are three research institutes: the Centre for Art Historical Documentation (CKD), the Centre for Parliamentary History (CPG) and the Humanities Lab.

Centre for Art Historical Documentation (CKD)

The Centre for Art Historical Documentation (CKD) specializes in databases for art historical research with specific attention for late medieval images.

Centre for Parliamentary History (CPG)

Logo CPG

The Centre for Parliamentary History (CPG) is a research institute focusing on the post-war parliamentary history of the Netherlands and the consecutive governments.

Humanities Lab

The Humanities Lab offers technical facilities for research within the Faculty of Arts. The Humanities Lab consists of three laboratories:

  • A Computer Lab for storage of databases/corpora, processing and analysis of (big) datasets, website hosting;
  • A CLS Lab for EEG, eye tracking, sound recordings and computer experiments;
  • A Video Lab, for professional video recording and 3d software modelling.

Research schools

RICH is ‘acting secretary’ of national research school OIKOS, which promotes and coordinates all research in the field of Greco-Roman antiquity in the Netherlands and at participating universities in Belgium. RICH is also part of the N.W. Posthumus institute, the Research School for Economic and Social History in the Netherlands and Flanders. Posthumus is a cooperation between fifteen universities and research institutes.