Applied History

Applied History entails a broad range of practices in which researchers bring historical research to bear on current affairs, translate social issues into historical research questions, and formulate policy advice and interventions based on their research. Currently, researchers are working on this across the entire spectrum of RICH. The research group Applied History provides a framework to bring this expertise together by strengthening mutual exchange and embedding RICH-wide.


For more information about our research group, please contact one of the coordinators.

Dr Harm Kaal

Prof. Jelle van Lottum


The Journal of Applied History (JOAH) seeks to promote historical thinking as an essential element of discussions about the challenges that our societies are now confronted with.

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Key publications

Jelle van Lottum, “Structuur en empathie: de geschiedenis van arbeidsmigratie naar Nederland in vergelijkend perspectief” (pdf, 2,2 MB). Inaugural lecture, Radboud University, 20 May 2022.

Harm Kaal and Jelle van Lottum, “Applied history: Past, present, and future,” Journal of Applied History 3:1-2 (2021), 135-154.

Carla Hoetink and Harm Kaal, Doordacht digitaliseren. Digitalisering doordacht. Resultaten van een onderzoek naar het parlementaire debat over digitaliseringsvraagstukken, 2009-2019 (Nijmegen 2020). Research report (pdf, 515 kB) commissioned by the Temporary Committee on the Digital Future.