Lecture series: Art Histories in Dialogue

The online lecture series Art Histories in Dialogue aims to give a kaleidoscopic and transdisciplinary view of how art and visual culture are – or can be – studied today, and to offer a platform for fruitful exchange between periods, methodologies, and mediums. It does so by inviting scholars from different fields to present their own research and to engage with the work of others. ​

The sessions have a 'tandem format'. Two speakers from different backgrounds will present their own research and then discuss a shared theme. The standard format for presentations is usually a monologue by one participant, sometimes followed by a response from another, with a short time for a Q&A.  We would like to create a platform for genuine exchange of ideas and for thinking on the spot. In so doing, we aim to bring academics and students from different countries and traditions together and open new paths for future research.


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Past events

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Practical matters

Sessions have a hybrid format and take place on Wednesdays, 16-17h (CET). They consist of two presentations of 15 minutes each, followed by a moderated discussion.