Representations of the city

Our research group approaches the city from a broad comparative perspective, taking European and non-European worlds into consideration from a long diachronic viewpoint. We study the similarities and differences between these areas in terms of loyalties, the reciprocal relationships between different cities, cities and rulers, and cities and the countryside, and the functioning of networks. The city has been an engine of innovation throughout European history. The formation of loyalties and identities and of narrative traditions that give shape to the city, are important starting points for our research.

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For an overview of our current and completed projects, please click the link below.


The coordinators of this research group are Prof. Maaike van Berkel and Prof. Johan Oosterman. An overview of our members can be found on the page below.



The fruitful collaboration between cities and universities in this field of research has resulted in the creation of a chair for the history of Nijmegen. On an individual basis, we collaborate with urban research groups in Ghent, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Meanwhile, we aim to collaborate with one or more groups on a more structural basis in the organisation of conferences and the preparation of publications.