SCARAB: Studying Cultural infrastructure and Reception Across Borders

The researchers united under the heading SCARAB focus on reception and infrastructure both within specific national cultures as well as across the boundaries of national cultures. Reception and infrastructure are viewed as ‘bearers’ of literary culture in particular, and as ‘instruments’ in the production, dissemination and consumption of (literary) culture over the centuries. As such, the SCARAB research group builds on an established research tradition at the Faculty of Arts in Nijmegen. Research focuses on the theory and practice of reviewing, the (inter)national reception of both individual writers and artists as well as cultural movements, and on break points in reception in general. Both contemporary and historical developments in cultural infrastructure are studied, with a focus on processes of (international) cultural transmission and on the role played by various institutions in the cultural field.


The coordinator of this research group is Dr Frederik van Dam:

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The Centre for Reception Studies (CERES, KU Leuven) is SCARAB's affiliated institute in Belgium. CERES explores the ways in which literary and cultural texts are received by reading communities, translators, professional critics, journals, writers and creative artists working with other media.


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