The Ancient World

The Ancient World group made it its goal to take care of the disclosure and publication of literary and non-literary texts and remains of material culture. Additionally, the group aims to study the processes of the formation and transmission of culture and perform historiographical analyses and reception studies of the ancient world.


For more information about our research, please contact:

Dr Nathalie de Haan,


The coordinator of this research group is Dr Nathalie de Haan. An overview of our members can be found on the page below.


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The ancient world_ Zeus


Flavian culture

The notion that the three Flavian emperors, Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian (69/70-96 CE) were determining factors in shaping the city of Rome, the Roman Empire and cultural life, forms the basis of various research topics. This period saw a flourishing literature in various genres (e.g. rhetoric, epic, and epigram), partly stimulated by these emperors themselves, in particular Domitian, who launched literary contests and wrote poetry himself.

Anchoring Innovation


The research is centered on the theme of tradition and innovation and is part of the OIKOS research programme titled Anchoring Innovation. In this programme, various PhD’s and Postdocs, as well as senior researchers, carry out research until at least the end of 2027.