Transnational Europe

Transnational Europe approaches transnationalism as a longue durée phenomenon, seeking to define new methodologies (including digital humanities) to study transnational networks and transnational political and cultural developments, as well as processes of transnational interaction. Our research addresses several key issues, including intersections between regionalism and transnationalism; transnational memories and registers; transnational political and cultural networks; the shifting perceptions of communities under the influence of multiculturalism and migration; transnational reading and interpretative communities; and the new methodologies required to study these long-term processes.

The Transnational Europe group includes researchers from historical, literary and cultural studies. As such, the group aims to develop transdisciplinary, comparative perspectives on temporal and geographical contexts that were fundamental in (re)configurations of European identities, in particular the transition from the early modern period to modernity.


The coordinators of this research group are Prof. Marguérite Corporaal and Prof. Lotte Jensen.  An overview of our members can be found below.


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Transnational Europe