IOW1819-Workshop Series (Indian Ocean World in the 18th and 19th centuries)

Project Information

Start date: 01-01-2019
End date: /
Researchers: Dr. Dries Lyna, Dr. Alicia Schrikker (Leiden University), Luc Bulten, Bente de Leede & Joël Edouard

Financing: Radboud Institute for Culture and History, in collaboration with NWO Vrije Competitie ‘Colonialism Inside Out’

Project Details

This workshop series aims to bring together both junior and senior scholars working on the Indian Ocean World in the 18th and 19th centuries. Every workshop focuses on a specific theme and is chaired by an expert in the field, such as Sujit Sivasundaram (Cambridge University), Nandini Chatterjee (University of Exeter), Danna Agmon (Virginia Tech) and Gagan Sood (London School Economics).

  • Colonial archives inside out: writing about indigenous experiences in the Indian Ocean World, 18th-19th centuries, chaired by Sujit Sivasundaram (December 1, 2020): CFP (pdf, 162 kB) and programme.
  • Sovereign institutions and migration in South Asia, chaired by Gagan Sood (April 3, 2019): CFP (pdf, 603 kB) and programme (pdf, 159 kB).
  • Colonial institutions and the uses of law in South Asia, chaired by Nandini Chatterjee and Danna Agmon (January 28, 2019): CFP (pdf, 151 kB) and programme (pdf, 97 kB).
Besides this workshop series occasionally public lectures are organised as well:
  • Sujit Sivasundaram (Cambridge University), Waves across the South: a new history of revolution and empire as seen from the Southwest Indian Ocean (December 1, 2020).
  • Henrik Chetan Aspengren (Swedish Institute of International Affairs), Knowledge against authority? What activists did with data, India 1870-1920 (October 3, 2019).
  • Gagan Sood (London School of Economics), From decline to colonialism, or an era of unscripted possibilities? Sovereign governance in the Middle East and South Asia, 1680-1840 (April 3, 2019).
  • Danna Agmon (Virginia Tech), Law in theory, law in practice. Legal orientalism and French Jesuit knowledge production in India (January 29, 2019).

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