An evaluation model for music criticism in The Netherlands


Alex van der Hulst (PhD Candidate)

Time frame

April 2018 - December 2023

Project description

This research into popular music criticism in The Netherlands aims to research how criticism is formulated in terms of content. Which evaluation domains are important, can the criticism be categorized and does the argumentation differ per period and per musical style? I look at the reviews in five different Dutch magazines in also five different time periods. Those magazines and periods/genres are nederbeat in Hitweek (60s), punk in OOR (70s), postpunk in Vinyl (80s), dance in Bassic Groove (90s) and metal in Aardschok (90s-00s). The common denominator of these magazines is that they can be located between mainstream and underground, a hybrid area that is sometimes called the alternative mainstream.


Criticism, music, evaluation domains


Alex van der Hulst,