Young Adult Literature: accepted and mature? Its position within the literary polysystem


Linda Ackermans (PhD candidate)

Time frame

September 2015 - current

Project description

The term Young Adult literature, introduced from the US in 2009 and intended to describe a category of books written for young adults from the age of 15 years old, is gaining ground in the Dutch literary system. Several individuals and organizations are involved in creating, producing and consuming Young Adult literature. By using the methods of French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu to research the actors that play a role in the distribution and material and symbolic production of this literature (e.g. publishers, booksellers, librarians, critics, reading promoters, teachers), this research project aims to determine the position that Young Adult literature takes within the Dutch literary polysystem.


Young adult literature, literary education, adolescent literature, literary field


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Ackermans, L. (2017). 'Bruggen bouwen. Van Zwigtman tot Hermans.' In: Levende Talen Magazine, 104(5), 4–8.


NWO Doctoral Grant for Teachers


Linda Ackermans,