Scientific Innovation

HoH will extend the frontiers of current research, because:

  1. It generates cutting-edge comparative, transdisciplinary approaches to famine research.
  2. It significantly redefines the idea of shared European pasts to include analogous, anachronous experiences.
  3. The project moves beyond the conventional ramifications of European troubled pasts to challenge current notions of national and geographical distinctions.
  4. Unlike existing research, the project compares and contrasts a wide range of educational and heritage practices and modes of learning transmission.

Ivan Vladimirov, Golod (famine) (1919)


Daniel Macdonald, The Village Funeral: 
an Irish Family by a Graveside During the Great Famine (c. 1850)

For a more detailed point-by-point description of the project’s scientific innovation, click here (pdf, 96 kB).