Data Collection and Data Management

Data Collection and Data Management Plan

The research team will collect data in four ways:

  • Through research into resources about educational practices (curricula, activities of museums, commemorative initiatives) which are available online, as brochures or in archives.
  • The team will use the consortium network to directly contact educators with questions about the role of European famines in their teaching practices. According to European privacy regulations, the data gathered through this approach will be anonymised unless participants give written permission for using their personal details.
  • The team will conduct on-site research at schools, heritage sites, and museums.
  • The textual, visual, and audio materials to be included in the online repository and used for the MOOC will be acquired through consulting the archives of partners, conducting research in (digital) libraries and archives, and through collaborating with consortium partners.

Our full Data Management Plan can be found here (pdf, 267 kB).