Organization RSCR

RadboudSCR is a research institute of the societal sciences, employing about 40 staff members and 30 PhD-students. External PhD-students doing promotion research under the responsibility of RSCR professors are also member of RadboudSCR after an admission procedure. Financially, the annual budget amounts to approximately 3 million euros.

RSCR Director

Prof. dr. Bert Steenbergen is ad interim director of Radboud Social Cultural Research (RSCR). As ad interim director of Radboud SCR Prof. Steenbergen is appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The director is fully authorized to take managerial and financial decisions in the interest of the institute's goals.

RSCR Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Board of RadboudSCR offer advice to the director concerning managerial and financial decisions. For this purpose, the Advisory Board regularly meets to discuss topical matters of research within RadboudSCR. Prof. Steenbergen, as ad interim director of RadboudSCR, formally is not a member of this Board, but also attends these meetings of the Advisory Board. The director however remains solely responsible for the institute's performance vis-à-vis the Dean of the Faculty. As such, RadboudSCR has a management structure enabling it to make decisions concerning research policy and strategy in an effective and purposeful way.

The current Advisory Board consists of:

  • Chair: Prof. dr. Ellen Verbakel (chair department of Sociology)
  • Prof. dr. Toon van Meijl (chair department Anthropology and Development Studies)
  • Dr. Els Rommes (Gender & Diversity group)
  • Rachel Kollar MSc (PhD student)
  • and Prof. dr. Bert Steenbergen (ad interim director of RadboudSCR).


Ms Elske Nengerman and Mrs Charlot Sanders are available as mentor for RadboudSCR PhD-students. PhD-students can contact them via:

Radboud Confidential advisors

Information on support provided at the university level you may find here:


RSCR Secretarial Office

The director of RadboudSCR is supported by support staff from the RSCR Secretarial Office. Currently, the executive secretary, Mrs Marjolijn Wasmus, takes care of administrative and secretarial support for RadboudSCR. She also may be contacted for information regarding the MSc-research programme (Social and Cultural Sciences) and the PhD-programme (ICS & CERES).