Graduate school

RadboudSCR offers a PhD-program (mostly 4 years) aimed at training high-quality scientific researchers in the field of sociology, gender & diversity, and cultural antropology and development studies. After successful completion of the PhD-program students are awarded a doctorate degree in social sciences.

During a PhD-trajectory, PhD students acquires advanced research skills and topical expertise preparing him/her for an academic career as researcher. Education takes place within the interuniversity institutes of ICS, CERES and Netherlands Research School for Gender Studies.

Additional opportunities to follow courses by PhD’s are provided by Radboud University within the gROW-program.

In RadboudSCR there are two types of PhD students:

  1. PhD students officially contracted by Radboud University
    If you are interested in having a PhD position at RSCR, you could regularly check the job portal of the Radboud University. All positions will also be offered on the Academic Transfer-site. For these PhD positions an application and job interview are part of the procedure.
  2. PhD-students with an external employment contract
    So-called external PhD students (see below).

Student may apply to acquire a PhD with a promotor from RSCR. Sometimes external funding is available, but this does not need to be. General information for PhD students can be found here (in English) and here (in Dutch).

External PhD

If you are interested in becoming an external PhD student at RSCR the best way to start is to contact a promotor/professor at RSCR. Together with this promotor you are required to fill in an application form and submit a research proposal. The Advisory Board of RSCR will decide on the application and the enrollment.
External student that are officially enrolled may use the facilities of RSCR and will have a presence agreement, and will be offered office space (if available).
For more information on the procedure can be found here.

Recent PhD theses

For an impression of research themes please check our page Recent PhD theses.