Hora Finita

Factsheets for PhD's and Supervisors:

Powerpoint presentations of PhD and supervisor intro meetings (September 21st & 23rd 2021):

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On September 6th, Hora Finita was succesfully launched together with our new doctorate regulations. For those curious Hora Finita user, who already have taken a look in the new PhD system and might have found their personal dashboard and checklist.

You can ignore the items in the checklist for now. But if you want to upload your TSP, project proposal en data management plan, you are free to do so. Please 'save' the document and don’t ‘submit for review’!

For questions, please contact our Faculty Hora Finita support (horafinita@socsci.ru.nl) or Marjolijn Wasmus (rscr@ru.nl).

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