Scientific integrity

RadboudSCR has institutionalised a system of archiving information related to all publications of its researchers in publication packages. This makes it possible to perform several security checks with respect to fraud, plagiarism and data construction.

As of January 1, 2014, the first author of each article, book or book chapter that is published, should make his/her research data accessible. An instruction of to how archive your data can be found here:

As of May 25 2018 new information is available on the construction of publication packages (DSW Social Sciences).

Furthermore, there is a long-standing tradition, built by RadboudSCR researchers, to provide the scientific community with well-documented open source data to improve scientific transparency and integrity.

This tradition has been widely recognized as among one of the best practices. The organisation of archiving both data and publications with source information, is taken as an example at Radboud University.

As of September 14 2018 new information is available about the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity 2018. See below the Dutch and English version.

As of March 2022 new information is available about archiving of academic research for Faculties of Behavioural and Social Sciences in the Netherlands.