Societal impact

Scholars in RadboudSCR highly subscribe to the idea that knowledge should be made available to societal and scientific stakeholders to improve and feed processes of policy construction. To do so, RadboudSCR researchers participated widely in public debates and the media on topics such as immigration, poverty, (gender)inequality, effectiveness of (private) aid, and discrimination at the labour market. They regularly advise public and private institutions and hold consultative positions in a variety of domains.

For instance, advice was given to Slachtofferhulp Nederland (for the purpose of MH-17), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NGO’s in Indonesia, Stichting Lezen, Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP), SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and others. Advice work also includes the support of international data collections (European Social Survey/European Value Survey), national data collections (DANS-KNAW, Statistics Nederlands (CBS)). Data were also collected on funding provided by public and private organizations engaged in development cooperation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cordaid, ICCO, Solidaridad, Hivos, Oxfam-Novib).

Conferences were organized on climate change, acceptance of homosexuality, women in managerial positions and private aid.