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Past events

RUNOMI organizes bi-monthly seminars which contribute to the overall RUNOMI aim to intensify RU-wide collaboration in research, teaching and partnerships with societal actors in the domain of migrant inclusion studies.

Research seminar: Building trust - conducting research among and with Christian migrants

30 November 2022

The Catholic Documentation Centre (Katholiek Documentatie Centrum, KDC) and RUNOMI organized an event conducting research among and with Christian migrants. This research seminar addressed what recent developments mean for research practice, from the perspective of both researchers and Christian migrants. What role does mutual trust play in research practice?

RUNOMI Movie Night - The Ice Cream Sellers

10 November 2022

Filmmaker, writer and producer Sohel Rahman came to De Klinker in Nijmegen to screen his movie The Ice Cream Sellers – a movie about two Rohingya children living in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh. Nijmegen was the first stop of Sohel's tour through The Netherlands.

RUNOMI Annual Conference 2022

7 July 2022

RUNOMI held its fourth Annual Conference titled 'Perspectives on diversity and migrant inclusion: Contemporary challenges and policy innovations'.

Museum Valkhof and RUNOMI: Moving Stories

12 mei 2022 (Dutch Only)

Let’s talk. Op donderdagavond 12 mei organiseerde het museum Valkhof samen met RUNOMI een bruisende avond geheel rond de thema’s grenzen en migratie. Een panel van experts op het gebied van archeologie, geografie, filosofie en grensstudies (Border studies) gingen met elkaar en het publiek in gesprek: wat betekent grens voor een maatschappij, en voor een persoon? Hoe ontstaat een grens?

Lunchbijeenkomst met Adriaan van Dis

12 mei 2022 (Dutch Only)

Schrijver Adriaan van Dis ging tijdens lunch in gesprek met een panel bestaande uit een scholier, twee studenten en een jongerenwerker over de waarde van culturele diversiteit, met name in het onderwijs. Deze panelleden hebben zelf een migratieachtergrond. Dit gesprek werd georganiseerd door de opleiding Nederlandse taal en Cultuur in samenwerking met RUNOMI, in het kader van Nijmegen Taalhoofdstad.

RUNOMI policy seminar 11 november 2021

11 november 2021 (Dutch Only)

Het policy seminar van 11 november 2021 was een vervolg op het policy seminar van twee jaar geleden, waar in een eerder stadium al de nieuwe Wet Inburgering besproken werd. In dit vervolgseminar waren verschillende sprekers uitgenodigd die verder inzicht gaven in de verschillende facetten van de wet. Sommige aanwezigen waren actief in de beleidspraktijk, maar er waren ook mensen actief vanuit de implementatiekant van de wet. Het publiek was dus een interessante constellatie om brede discussies aan te wakkeren...

RUNOMI Annual Conference 2021: Political Discourse and Migrant Inclusion

On the 04 November 2021, RUNOMI held their third (but first hybrid) annual conference. The conference theme, Political Discourse and Migrant Inclusion, was selected to offer participants a broad perspective on contemporary debates about the political dimension of inclusion. We are looking forward to welcoming you next year. Save the date for RUNOIM’s annual conference in 2022: Thursday, 07 July 2022...

Virtual Conference 2021: Mixing methods in Migration Research

21 and 22 October 2021 (Zoom)

RUNOMI, DAMR, and RSCR collectively organised a virtual conference on mixing methods in migration research. We brought academic researchers from all over the world together to exchange experiences, interests and ambitions in bringing mixed methods to the next level in the field of migration research.

Webinar zorg voor ouderen in Nijmegen (Dutch only)

17 June 2021

Deze webinar was een vervolg op die van 19 november en was bedoeld om op de thema’s een verdiepingsslag te maken en de netwerken rondom deze thematiek en binnen Nijmegen te versterken...

Family Migration in Times of Crisis (Workshop)

15 June 2021 (Zoom)

The ‘Family Migration in Times of Crisis’ workshop explored the impacts of crisis on family migration, how family migrants respond to crises, and intertwined temporalities of crisis and migration. Several papers that provided expertise on a diverse range of migration contexts and a variety of disciplines were presented...

Lunch Lecture: Intercultural Communication

27 May 2021

RUNOMI organized its first hybrid event with Hans Spijkerman on Constructive Intercultural Contact. Both online and offline people participated. Constructive Intercultural Contact is a new concept that describes what you can do to make an intercultural encounter comfortable and successful, not only for yourself but also for your counterpart...

ARAW policy session: Structural racism in academic spaces

25 March 2021

This roundtable was one of many events of the Anti-Racism Awareness Week in March 2021. This particular event was on structural racism in academic spaces and was co-organised by the Radboud University Network on Migrant Inclusion (RUNOMI) and the DEI office. It brought together representatives of various academic institutions that are making efforts to encounter racism within their organizations. The event was held via Zoom and 49 people participated...

RUNOMI meets Upinion

23 February 2021

“Don’t talk about us, talk to us” – Dr. Rouba Mhaissen

RUNOMI hosted a meeting with Upinion, which is a very promising digital two-way communication platform that enables organisations and academia to connect with people in crisis. Upinion helps to collect their insights via a secure tool built on top of social media messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. It ensures a solid M&E mechanism, in which impact over time can be measured timely and feedback results can be shared back. Upinion has at its core to amplify people’s voices in crisis situations, by involving them in research, and making sure the research can be of actual benefit to them...

Blue Humanities Seminar

19 January 2021

Garjan Sterk, coordinator of Radboud Gender and Diversity Studies at Radboud University, introduced this special edition of the GDS Seminar Series that was organized in cooperation with the Race-Religious Constellation Project (RCC) and the Radboud University Network on Migrant Inclusion (RUNOMI). The seminar was held online and more than 30 people participated...

Guest Lecture Dr Souha Kanj

12 January 2021 (Zoom)

Dr Souha Kanj gave a very enlighten lecture on the risk of infections among refugees and their limited access to public health in times of crisis in Lebanon – a country that was and still is confronted with a multitude of crises from the Middle-East conflict and hosting the largest number of refugees per capita in the world...

Symposium: Migration, Health and Integration

26 November 2020

REPORT Virtual Symposium Migration, Health and Integration
Via Zoom

On 26 November 2020, UNU-Merit and RUNOMI organized in a joint effort a successful, virtual symposium on migration, health and integration. A group of more than 30 people from the African, American and European continents made the event a truly global encounter of NGO representatives, (mental) health professionals, academics including students and early career researchers from various disciplines. The symposium highlighted the complex intersections between migration, health and integration through discussions around both research and practice and aimed at foster collaboration on these intersections. Moreover, the event also marked the launch of the Health and Migration Collaborative Community website, a growing resource portal that provides short analytical reviews and other support materials for academics, practitioners, policy-makers, and other stakeholders interested in migration and health...

Webinar: Zorg voor ouderen migranten in Nijmegen (Dutch only)

19 November 2020

RUNOMI-lid Hanna Murray-Carlsson organiseerde een webinar over cultureel sensitieve ouderenzorg in samenwerking met Sterker Sociaal Werk en Pharos...

Annual Conference October 2020

28 October 2020

Schermafbeelding 2020-11-03 om 15.37.12

At the 28th of October RUNOMI's second annual conference was held. Due to the impact of COVID-19 it was held online, which turned out to be a great success with over 50 participants. In line this year's challenges, the conference theme was Migrant inclusion studies in times of the COVID-19 global pandemic...

RUNOMI meeting for members: Introductory session on strategic positioning for researchers within the European funding landscape

25 June 2020

Since March 2020, Liliya Levandovska is appointed EU grant advisor at Radboud Innovation. Her position is part of the Radboud University support program for EU collaborative projects (EU Action Plan). The Action Plan is an initiative carried out by Radboud Innovation and the grant advisors of the different faculties which enables the Radboud to have a coherent approach towards support for EU-funded proposals and projects. Moreover, the action plan is aimed to enhance the visibility of Radboud interdisciplinary initiatives like RUNOMI as strong partners for collaboration on the EU level.

Liliya kindly proposed to organize this event to develop a strategic positioning of RUNOMI and its researchers within the European funding landscape as well as prepare for the next funding period and launch of Horizon Europe in particular. Together with colleagues from RI, she facilitated the discussion in which RUNOMI members had the opportunity to ​identify key research interest within their network and find a definition of potential policy contributions post 2020. Moreover, Liliya provided suggestions for EU partnerships and alliances for RUNOMI and an analysis of potential partners for future collaboration on proposals under Horizon Europe and other EU funding programmes.

RUNOMI Session: Funding opportunities in Europe and the Netherlands for research on migration and migrant inclusion (Lecture and debate)

11 June 2020

An online session on funding opportunities in Europe and the Netherlands was held on the 11th of June. Several relevant funding opportunities are arising at the national and EU levels and there is a societal urgency to generate research insights that can help tackle complex challenges regarding migration inclusion studies. At the national level, NWO, ZonMw and Dutch ministries (VWS, OCW) are preparing calls that focus on inclusion. Later this year, relevant European calls will open as well. All together, these calls will shape the funding landscape for the coming year – and offer ample opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, which RUNOMI aims to initiate and support...

RUNOMI Session: Implications of the COVID-19 public health crisis for the migrant inclusion research agenda

11 May 2020

An online discussion meeting was held in the light of COVID-19 and a possible research agenda for migrant inclusion. Keynote speaker Prof. Maria van den Muijsenbergh spoke about the implications of the COVID-19 public health crisis for migrant inclusion, after which there were three session tables on 'Morbidity, Mortality, Self-Agency', 'Long-term Consequences' and 'Migration and Mobility'. It was a successful meeting with a productive exchange of ideas and discussions.

Mosaic meeting: Refugee mental health

27 January 2020

In collaboration with RUNOMI, a discussion meeting was held on the implementation and first results of research on the effectivity of the Mosaic project. This project consists of a course for Arabic-speaking refugees in the Netherlands, to help them improve their mental health through positive psychology with a view to labor market participation. The discussion meeting focused on the content of and experiences with the course, its effectiveness and future opportunities for continuation of the project. The meeting was very fruitful and yielded a lot of useful feedback, as the audience was very engaged and asked a lot of critical questions. This ignited a valuable discussion that provided several focus points for further development of the Mosaic project. We are now working on completing the project reports. Afterwards, we will start on scientific publications. We are hoping to collaborate with municipalities in the future to embed Mosaic in refugee integration programs.

Powerpoint presentation (Dutch) (pptx, 3 MB)
Input from audience (Dutch) (docx, 26 kB)

Research seminar: Intercultural communication

12 December 2019

Much is gained or lost when it comes to intercultural communication in migrant inclusion efforts. To be able to better navigate their lives in host societies, migrants strive to master the local language and cultural literacies. At the same time, professionals setting up support infrastructures for migrants are investing in culturally sensitive work approaches and call in support of interpreters and by intercultural mediators. This seminar aimed to disclose these issues and open up the debate on how to improve intercultural communication. In this seminar, the role of intercultural communication in migrant inclusion efforts was discussed on the basis of four interdisciplinary research initiatives...

Lecture by Dr. Eva Schmidt: Media discourses on integration

23 September 2019

Dr. Eva Schmidt is a researcher at Macquarie University in Sydney. For RUNOMI, she gave a lunchtime lecture about discourses on integration in media and its influences on individual positioning. She presented a case study of various categories and attributes ascribed to a German football player in six different newspapers over the course of ten years. Through this case study, she aimed to show relationships between changes in politics and attitudes towards immigrants and linguistic representations of such changes...

Annual conference 2019: Refugees welcome?

11 July 2019

RUNOMI organised its first annual conference titled “Refugees Welcome? The future of recent refugees in the Netherlands”. This well-received event welcomed over 100 attendees to Radboud University, including academics, students, government employees and representatives from NGOs and the migrant community...

Policy seminar: The New Civic Integration Law

16 May 2019

As per 1 January 2021, new legislation will be passed in the Netherlands on civic integration of newcomers. This will put municipalities in charge of guiding immigrants towards societal participation, preferably through paid work. Municipalities are currently preparing for the changes, but there are still many uncertainties to overcome. This seminar focused on the perspective of the Gelderland region. Speakers were invited from the municipalities of Arnhem, Nijmegen and Tiel. Their presentations about the current state of the art, possible bottlenecks and future goals were followed by a panel discussion with people connected to this topic. The audience actively participated in the discussion, showing that many questions are still unanswered. This seminar pointed out some important issues for future policy development...

Education seminar: Opportunities for collaboration

25 March 2019

The aim of the education seminar was to launch a university-wide forum for course coordinators and lecturers to discuss collaboration between courses related to migrant inclusion. How can course coordinators and lecturers benefit from relevant expertise available elsewhere on campus? How can this expertise be used to enrich or extend current course offerings and are there opportunities to reduce work load through more efficient bundling of courses?...

Research seminar: Ethics and inclusive research

14 January 2019

Access to research participants and the ethics involved in their participation have shown to form a serious threshold (‘frustration’ was mentioned several times) to overcome for inclusive research designs. In the first half of this seminar, four speakers shared their experiences and raised a few of the most pressing issues researchers are facing. In the second half, two ethics advisors gave a few opening statements followed by a plenary discussion. It was a very fruitful seminar in which experiences were shared and some preliminary solutions were suggested...