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RUNOMI Events 2020

On this page you will find RUNOMI's events in 2020.

Symposium: Migration, Health and Integration

26 November 2020

On 26 November 2020, UNU-Merit and RUNOMI organized in a joint effort a successful, virtual symposium on migration, health and integration. A group of more than 30 people from the African, American and European continents made the event a truly global encounter of NGO representatives, (mental) health professionals, academics including students and early career researchers from various disciplines. The symposium highlighted the complex intersections between migration, health and integration through discussions around both research and practice and aimed at foster collaboration on these intersections. Moreover, the event also marked the launch of the Health and Migration Collaborative Community website, a growing resource portal that provides short analytical reviews and other support materials for academics, practitioners, policy-makers, and other stakeholders interested in migration and health...

Webinar: Zorg voor ouderen migranten in Nijmegen (Dutch only)

19 November 2020

RUNOMI-lid Hanna Murray-Carlsson organiseerde een webinar over cultureel sensitieve ouderenzorg in samenwerking met Sterker Sociaal Werk en Pharos...

Annual Conference October 2020

28 October 2020

At the 28th of October RUNOMI's second annual conference was held. Due to the impact of COVID-19 it was held online, which turned out to be a great success with over 50 participants. In line this year's challenges, the conference theme was Migrant inclusion studies in times of the COVID-19 global pandemic...

RUNOMI meeting for members: Introductory session on strategic positioning for researchers within the European funding landscape

25 June 2020

Since March 2020, Liliya Levandovska is appointed EU grant advisor at Radboud Innovation. Her position is part of the Radboud University support program for EU collaborative projects (EU Action Plan). The Action Plan is an initiative carried out by Radboud Innovation and the grant advisors of the different faculties which enables the Radboud to have a coherent approach towards support for EU-funded proposals and projects. Moreover, the action plan is aimed to enhance the visibility of Radboud interdisciplinary initiatives like RUNOMI as strong partners for collaboration on the EU level.

Liliya kindly proposed to organize this event to develop a strategic positioning of RUNOMI and its researchers within the European funding landscape as well as prepare for the next funding period and launch of Horizon Europe in particular. Together with colleagues from RI, she facilitated the discussion in which RUNOMI members had the opportunity to ​identify key research interest within their network and find a definition of potential policy contributions post 2020. Moreover, Liliya provided suggestions for EU partnerships and alliances for RUNOMI and an analysis of potential partners for future collaboration on proposals under Horizon Europe and other EU funding programmes.

RUNOMI Session: Funding opportunities in Europe and The Netherlands for research on migration and migrant inclusion (lecture and debate)

11 June 2020

An online session on funding opportunities in Europe and the Netherlands was held on the 11th of June. Several relevant funding opportunities are arising at the national and EU levels and there is a societal urgency to generate research insights that can help tackle complex challenges regarding migration inclusion studies. At the national level, NWO, ZonMw and Dutch ministries (VWS, OCW) are preparing calls that focus on inclusion. Later this year, relevant European calls will open as well. All together, these calls will shape the funding landscape for the coming year – and offer ample opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, which RUNOMI aims to initiate and support...

RUNOMI Session: Implications of the COVID-19 public health crisis for the migrant inclusion research agenda

11 May 2020

An online discussion meeting was held in the light of COVID-19 and a possible research agenda for migrant inclusion. Keynote speaker Prof. Maria van den Muijsenbergh spoke about the implications of the COVID-19 public health crisis for migrant inclusion, after which there were three session tables on 'Morbidity, Mortality, Self-Agency', 'Long-term Consequences' and 'Migration and Mobility'. It was a successful meeting with a productive exchange of ideas and discussions.

Mosaic meeting: Refugee mental health

27 January 2020

In collaboration with RUNOMI, a discussion meeting was held on the implementation and first results of research on the effectivity of the Mosaic project. This project consists of a course for Arabic-speaking refugees in the Netherlands, to help them improve their mental health through positive psychology with a view to labor market participation. The discussion meeting focused on the content of and experiences with the course, its effectiveness and future opportunities for continuation of the project. The meeting was very fruitful and yielded a lot of useful feedback, as the audience was very engaged and asked a lot of critical questions. This ignited a valuable discussion that provided several focus points for further development of the Mosaic project. We are now working on completing the project reports. Afterwards, we will start on scientific publications. We are hoping to collaborate with municipalities in the future to embed Mosaic in refugee integration programs.

Input from audience (Dutch) (docx, 26 kB)

Powerpoint presentation (Dutch) (pptx, 3 MB)