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Talk during Week against Racism

17 March 2022

During the 'week tegen racisme'a panel discussion with experts, policymakers, and advocates is organized at Pakhuis de Zwijger in order to exchange possibilities to improve migrant rights and policies. Tesseltje de Lange will take part in this panel.

Commentary Tesseltje de Lange in Trouw article (Dutch only)

March 2022

Tesseltje de Lange was asked to provide a commentary on an article by the Trouw on home regulation of Eastern European employees. See here for the article.

Commentary Tesseltje de Lange in NRC article (Dutch only)

February 2022

Tesseltje de Lange was asked to provide a commentary on an investigation by the NRC on the safety of construction workers of the RijnlandRoute. See here for the article.

Expertmeeting on innovation

February 2022

In february, an expertmeeting is organised to evaluate the findings of the project. We are hoping for inspiring outcomes and aim to share these as soon as possible.

New working paper by Lisa Berntsen

January 2022

Lisa Berntsen published a new working paper with the cooperation of Natalia Skowronek, Daniela Trifu and Paul de Beer, named "Working in times of corona in distribution or meat processing: survey among Polish and Romanian workers in the Netherlands". This report (pdf, 609 kB) (download starts automatically, check your downloads) presents the results of a survey among 153 Polish and Romanian meat and distribution workers and explores the workers’ experiences with corona and corona-related measures both within and outside the workplace.

Guest Lecture

November 2021

On 10 November 2021, Tesseltje de Lange gave a guest lecture on labour migration and the broad prosperity perspective at the Regional Meeting on Labour Migration of Brabant. The text of this lecture is available here (pdf, 1,7 MB) (Dutch only, download starts automatically, check your downloads).

Daniela Trifu

April 2021

Daniela komt het team versterken als peer onderzoeker. Zij zal de enquête uitvoeren met Roemeense respondenten en later ook voor diepte gesprekken zorgen. Ze heeft ervaring met het werken met migranten in het maatschappelijk veld en het vakbondswerk. Daarnaast heeft ze onderzoekservaring met thema’s als taalintegratie van migranten in Nederland en beleidscoördinatie op het gebied van migratie, integratie en arbeidsmarkt op Europees niveau.

Daniela Trifu

Training peer interviewers

April 2021

We are happy to announce that we got reinforcement for our fieldwork-crew! Natalia and Daniela are our native speakers that will support us interviewing EU labour migrants and irregular migrants. On 7 April 2021 we had a very successful training session for our peer interviewers and research staff. Welcome Natalia and Daniela!

Training Migrant Workers in the Frontline April 2021

Kick-off project team and sounding board meeting

September 2020

The research project officially kicked-off with an elaborate project-team meeting, followed by the first meeting with the sounding board only a week later. We wanted to be connected to the experts and stakeholders in the field from the very beginning and asked them to reflect on our research plan.

Migrant workers in frontline_Kick-off_team

RUNOMI interdisciplinary research proposal receives ZonMW/NWO grant

September 2020

RUNOMI receives its first external grant by ZonMW/NWO for its research project “Migrants on the frontline. The effects of COVID-19 measures on labour migrants working in crucial sectors.” The project was awarded the grant due to the great urgency of its topic, its broad (interdisciplinary) approach, and the high-quality project group. The proposal is one of the 31 awarded projects for research on COVID-19 focus area 3 “Societal dynamics”.

Prof. Tesseltje de Lange and Dr Pascal Beckers are leading an interdisciplinary team of members from the Centre for Migration Law, the UMC, and the Nijmegen School of Management to research the position and vulnerability of labour migrants within the (Dutch) labour market during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research project is targeted at temporary European and undocumented labour migrants who are working in crucial sectors such as agriculture, the meat-packing industry, services, and distribution services. The aim is not only to research the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting measures on these groups, but also the general structural problems surrounding labour migration that have been exposed throughout the crisis.

Based on the results, the project group will formulate recommendations for policy measures aimed at the structural improvement of working and housing conditions for labour migrants and in turn, a decrease in the health risks they encounter.

The team will be working together with the European Labour Authority, Euregio Rijn-Waal, Regio Noord-Limburg, INTERREG, Fairwork, FNV, Inspectie SZW, Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen (ABU), Otto Workforce, and Stichting LOS.