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The results


On 10 November 2021, Tesseltje de Lange was invited to give a guest lecture on labour migration and the broad prosperity perspective at the Regional Meeting on Labour Migration of Brabant. The text of this lecture is available here (pdf, 1,7 MB) (Dutch only, download starts automatically, check your downloads).


Report Expert Meeting Migrant Workers in the Frontline (pdf, 2 MB) (download starts automatically, check your downloads)


Working papers

  • Mantu, “A double crisis: mapping EU responses to essential workers during the COVID pandemic” (working paper, soon to be found online)
  • De impact van de coronacrisis op ongedocumenteerde arbeidsmigranten in Nederland (Working paper 2022/01, Dutch only): De coronacrisis heeft aan het licht gebracht dat arbeidsmigranten veelal essentieel werk verrichten, maar tegelijkertijd kwetsbaar zijn voor ongezonde en onrechtvaardige werk- en leefomstandigheden. Die onzichtbaarheid en kwetsbaarheid gelden in versterkte mate voor ongedocumenteerde arbeidsmigranten. In dit paper worden de gevolgen van de coronacrisis voor deze groep in kaart gebracht. Ook wordt nagegaan welke lessen volgens diverse betrokkenen uit de ervaringen tijdens de crisis moeten worden getrokken.
  • Working in times of Corona in distribution or meat processing: overview of survey results among Polish and Romanian workers in the Netherlands (pdf, 609 kB) (Working paper 2022/01, download starts automatically, check your downloads): This report presents the results of a survey among 153 Polish and Romanian meat and distribution workers. The survey explored the workers’ experiences with corona and corona-related measures both within and outside the workplace. The survey structure was informed by a targeted literature review identifying potentially contributing factors to migrant workers’ vulnerabilities.
  • State-of-the-art research overview of the impact of COVID-19 on migrant workers in the EU and the Netherlands (pdf, 677 kB) (Working paper 2021/01, download starts automatically, check your downloads): The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought several structural labour mobil- ity issues to the fore. While the work of many migrants – suddenly coined essential workers – continued during the pandemic, their health and safety is not always well protected, thus leaving them at higher risk of COVID-19 infection. This working paper provides a target literature review of academic and policy papers on the impact of COVID-19 on migrants performing essential jobs. It draws out factors that potentially contribute to migrant workers’ vulnerabilities, related to the way migrant work is or- ganized, the extent of adequately regulation and effective enforcement and migrants’ limited social embeddedness in the country where they work. The COVID-19 pan- demic in fact exacerbates several pre-existing issues, such as the role of temporary agency firms in the Netherlands that facilitate work, housing and health care access in many cases as well.

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Dignity for domestic workers