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VIA Participatietraject Nijmegen

This project aims to gain insight in how the VIA participation trajectory in the municipality of Nijmegen contributes to higher levels of participation in society, among others through work, both voluntary and paid. It also aims to gain insight in its contribution to higher welfare levels among Dutch people with a non-western migration background that receive (long-term) income support.

Present study consists of both an effect evaluation and a process evaluation, the latter of these already completed. The effect evaluation will come to an end by the end of 2021. The results section of this project page contains the final version of the interim report (in Dutch), focusing on both the in-depth interviews for the process evaluation and the preliminary insights gained from surveys for the effect evaluation.

In this report, the following research questions are most relevant:

1.     How is the participation trajectory being implemented?

2.     What are the mechanisms that explain (the absence of) its effects?

3.     Which lessons can be taken from this trajectory?