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Dr. C.E. Boland (Colleen)


Faculty of Law
Centre for Migration Law

Thematic areas of expertise

  • EU refugee and migration flows
  • Integration and diversity management
  • Gender and intersectionality
  • Broader and comparative international migration studies

Relevant projects

  • Institut Català Internacional per la Pau (ICIP) funded project “Gendered CRImMIGRAtion discourse and practices: the CATalan case and multilevel governance (CRIMIGRACAT)” December 2021-December 22, Coordinator/lead investigator (Budget: 10,000.00 Euros): Analyses the gendered effects of crimmigration (the confluence of migration and criminal law) discourse and practices in Catalonia, contextualizing it necessarily within the wider national context, as well as relating it to EU frameworks, policies and possibilities.

  • EU Horizon2020 ITFLOWS “IT Tools and Methods for Managing Migration Flows,” September 2020 -August 2023, Project Scientific Coordinator (Budget: 4,871,832.502 Euros): Also serves as a researcher on work packages that address: Drivers of EU-bound irregular migration in countries of origin and transit; Locations and drivers of integration of migrants across EU Member States; Public attitudes of EU citizens towards migration; Societal impact, human rights, legal and ethical framework; and Policy reach and recommendations. Co-Coordinator, Gender Committee, where responsible for prioritizing gender and sexuality perspective as inherent and key in project management, design, implementation, and monitoring.

  • 2021-2022 Mobility Fellowship via “re:constitution - Exchange and Analysis on Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe,” a joint program of the Forum Transregionale Studien and Democracy Reporting International, funded by Stiftung Mercator. Project title, “Crimmigration in Europe: Compounded Dilution of Asylum-seekers’ and Women’s Human Rights.”