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Prof. Dr. M.C.L. van den Brink (Marieke)


Faculty of Social Sciences
Gender and Diversity

Thematic areas of expertise

  • Gender, Diversity & Inclusion in Organizations
  • Low paid labour organizations
  • Migrant Inclusion
  • Organizational learning and resistance

Relevant projects

In the project INCLUSION we investigate the way inclusion and exclusion practices work out in organizations at the fringe of the labour market. We examine how low-paid labour (LPL) organizations deal with diversity in their workforce in terms of ethnicity, gender and class. While conventional approaches to ‘manage diversity’ have predominantly focused on the numerical increase of women and ethnic minorities into senior management positions, this research turns to the largely neglected low-skilled, temporary, and precarious labourers, who comprise the most heterogeneous workforce. To do so, this program examines not the manufacture of diversity, but practices to increase inclusion in already-diverse workplaces. The overall aim is to advance our theoretical understanding of inclusion and to empirically document organizational practices that increase the inclusion of a diverse workforce in LPL organizations.