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Prof. Dr. B.I.J.M. van der Heijden (Beatrice)


Nijmegen School of Management
Business Administration/Strategic HRM

Thematic areas of expertise

  • Sustainable Careers
  • Employability
  • Age-Related Stereotyping
  • Ageing at Work

Relevant projects

  • Invited as expert for research project ‘Job quality, well-being and health: Antecedents and operating mechanisms from a dynamic, person-centric approach’. University of Valencia, Spain (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).
  • Invited as Expert for research project about graduates’ overqualification in Spain; Extending knowledge about graduates’ overqualification in order to design intervention strategies’. University of Valencia, Spain (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).
  • 2011: Research project entitled 'Flexibiliteit, Arbeidsmarktparticipatie & Employability van vrouwen: Het belang van flexibele arbeidscondities voor de inzet en ontwikkeling van het arbeidspotentieel van vrouwen op de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt' conducted by Dr. Pascale Peters and Prof. Dr. Beate van der Heijden in collaboration with Money Penny and funded by Digitale InnovatieVoucher Applicatie (DIVA). The project aims to generate new knowledge on issues related to social work innovation.
  • 2006: Research on the ‘Employability of employees at the Open University of the Netherlands’, together with Dr. Marcel van der Klink (Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment).
  • 2001: EU-granted NEXT Study ‘Nurses’ Early Exit’.
  • 2000: EU-granted Indic@tor Study. ‘A cross-cultural study on the measurement and enhancement of employability in small and medium-sized ICT-companies’.