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Prof. Dr. H.J. van Houtum (Henk)


Nijmegen School of Management
Geography, Planning and Environment

Thematic areas of expertise

  • Global justice: Wealth differences and equality of access (to resources)
  • National and regional identity (including the geopolitics, internationalisation of and territorial ‘battle’ in soccer and other sports)
  • Borders in and of the EU: geopolitics of the European integration, the external border regime of the EU, migrant deaths at the border (see Dutch book: Voorbij Fort Europa)
  • Designing Borderlands: the development of cross-border governance and planning of borderlands (see book: Borderland)
  • C/Artography: mapping territories and borders, freeing the Map: from Atlas to Hermes (see co-authored blog CompasstoCartopolitics, and see TEDxLecture: Free the Map)
  • Urban geopolitics and planning: glocal urban politics and identity, and geopolitics of capitalism

Relevant projects

External border policy and immigration politics (Seventh Framework Programme, European Commission)