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Paul Mutsaers


Faculty of Social Sciences
Anthropology and Development Studies

Thematic areas of expertise

  • Policing of migration/migrants
  • Crimmigration
  • Algorithmic policing and exclusion
  • Juvenile justice in the 'Dutch' Caribbean
  • Parenting cultures & minority groups

Relevant projects

  • Predictive policing and its discriminatory effects (joint PhD application iHub and Anthropology and Development Studies, pending)
  • Juvenile justice in transnational Curacao (ongoing, but funding NWO Ideeengenerator ended last year)
  • Crimmigration (ongoing work in Border Criminologies network of Oxford University)
  • Supervising PhD project on intensive Islamic parenting in the Netherlands, together with prof. H. Beck (Tilburg University), financed by NWO (runs 2019-2024)
  • Project on drillrap as a migrating youth culture and its effects in Dutch juvenile detention centres (PhD application NWO, pending, awaiting final decision)
  • Exploring project (for VIDI application next year) on comparing Dutch-Suriname restorative justice initiatives