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Dr. L. Smith (Lothar)


Nijmegen School of Management
Geography, Planning and Environment

Thematic areas of expertise

  • Migration
  • Transnationalism
  • Social security
  • Development
  • Diasporas
  • Gender

Relevant projects

  • Emerging divides: Encounters with refugees in a glocal world - PhD project of Iris Poelen (supervision)
  • New Indonesian Frontiers programme of Lidya Sitohang, Lica Putranti and other (supervision)
  • Various initiatives over the last 10 years through the TRANSCODE migration-development platform
  • Edited book/workshop project on African Migration
  • Complexities of diaspora engagement in post-war communities, Sri Lanka - PhD project of Mohammed Munas (supervision)
  • Rohingya refugees and statelessness - PhD project of Ainul Fairi (supervision)