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Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is responsible for governing and managing the faculty with regard to the quality of our education and research.

The Faculty Board determines the Education and Examination Regulations, as well as the general regulations for exercising science and carrying out education. The board also appoints the permanent scientific staff, divides the available resources, and also establishes the budgets of the institutes.

The Faculty Board consists of:

Prof. S.J. (Sijbrand) de Jong, professor elementary particle and astroparticle physics
Policy area: general strategic policy, external relations, and internationalisation
Assistant: Mrs.  J.I. (Joke) Noorderwerf
T: +31 24 36 52 895
E: joke.noorderwerf@ru.nl

sijbrand de jong

Vice Dean of Research
Prof. dr. R.J.A.(Richard) van Wezel, professor visual neuroscience
Policy area: research policy 
Assistant: Mrs. M-L. (Marie-Louise) Beenen
T: 3124 36 52428
E: ml.beenen@donders.ru.nl

Richard van Wezel-DvA-150663

Vice Dean of Education
Prof. dr. N. (Nicolo) de Groot
Portfolio: Education Policy
Assistant: Mrs. G.M.H. (Gertie) Verberk-van Haren
T: (024) 365 2098 
E: hep@ru.nl

Nicolo de Groot-DvA-157499 tbv website

Administrative Director
Drs. K.M. (Karen) de Bruijn
Policy area: finances and supporting services
Assistant: Mrs. J.W.W.M. (Jolanda) Lieskamp-de Ruijter
T: +31 24 36 52 897
E: jolanda.lieskamp@ru.nl

karen buiten formeel II

Student assessor
J.A.B. (Joost) van der Loo
E: assessor@science.ru.nl

Assessor Joost van der Loo 2022

J.W.M. (Jacqueline) Hulst
T: (024) 36 52 111
E: j.hulst@science.ru.nl 
Assistant: Mrs. J.M. (Hanneke) Klerkx
T: +31 24 36 52 896
E: h.klerkx@ru.nl