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Faculty Joint Assembly

The Faculty Joint Assembly of the Faculty of Science consists of the Faculty Student Council and the Representative Council.

The authorities of the Faculty Joint Assembly include:

  • having the right of consent regarding decisions of the dean relating to establishing or changing the faculty regulations, the education and examination regulations, the policy plan, and the structure of the quality insurance of all education and research;
  • having the right to advise regarding important reorganisations that affect the structure of the faculty;
  • having the right of consultation with the dean relating to proposed recommendations to the Executive Board regarding the appointment of professors, as well as proposed decisions regarding the appointment of a director of education or a faculty’s research;
  • having the right to advise regarding developments relating to education, research, and societal services, as well as matters relating to the general state of affairs at the faculty.
  • having the right to information; the dean provides the Faculty Joint Assembly with all information reasonably necessary to exercise their authorities.

For more information about the Faculty Joint Assembly, please see Participational Bodies at Intranet for staff members.