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FNWI EcoTeam

The FNWI EcoTeam is a group of students from several studies actively working on establishing Radboud University as a certified UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) EcoCampus: an award given to higher education institutions for significant progress towards a more sustainable campus, in which both the university and its members take responsibility for the environment.

The FNWI EcoTeam currently focuses its efforts on three main areas:

  1. Raising awareness and promoting information about sustainability within and outside the faculty through events, lectures and social media.
  2. Reducing the waste production and improving its handling when possible by simplifying proper waste separation.
  3. Incorporating new policies such as encouraging the use of reusable cups or more vegan/vegetarian options in the Restaurant FNWI.

For more information you can also follow the FNWI EcoTeam social media on both Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any questions or suggestions to work towards a more sustainable Faculty of Science, please send an email to: ecoteam@science.ru.nl.

FNWI EcoTeam - Picture