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Education Award Science

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Every year, the Faculty Board grants the Radboud Education Award Faculty of Science for instructors who have proven to provide exceptional education. Winners of the award distinguish themselves by their commitment to the education process and their students, and their continued devotion to improve education.

The Education Award  for the faculty of Science consists of two categories: the prize for the best junior instructor and the prize for the best senior instructor. The junior instructor is someone who has not been teaching at the faculty for more than five years. Senior instructors are teachers who have worked at this faculty for more than five years. Three instructors are nominated for each category. The jury, consisting of members of the Faculty Board, a student, and an external member, will choose the winners.

Wall of Fame
During the award ceremony, the winners are officially announced and receive a place on the Wall of Fame located in the Faculty of Science.

Winners Faculty Education Award 2021
Best Junior Lecturer: Stefanie Sonner
This year, Fleur Stefanie Sonner was awarded the Education Award for best junior lecturer. She is praised because of the high quality of her education. Moreover, during the current covid measures, she’s dedicated to make the education for students even better. In spite of the measures, she is dedicated to her students’ well-being.

Best Senior Lecturer: Peter Klaren
Peter Klaren received the Education Award for best senior lecturer. For years, he has worked hard on both his own education as well as the education of the whole programme. He is not just an enthusiastic lecturer, but also the programme coordinator. Next to that, he is always prepared to help other lecturers improve their education.