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Here you find more information about the commitment of the Faculty of Science to gender and diversity policies.

Report - Towards Gender Equality in the Faculty of Science

This is the report of the Working Group Gender Policy, which was installed by the Board of the Faculty of Science of Radboud University in November 2014. The task of the working group was to propose actions to recruit and retain more women in the scientific staff of the Faculty.
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Antwerp charter on gender-sensitive communication

Communication in academic institutions plays an important role in the persistence or annihilation of gender-based assumptions. This charter aims to raise the awareness of these issues by providing suggestions for the elimination of bias from all communication, thus creating a supportive and inclusive academic institutional environment for all.

Signed by the dean of the Faculty of Science Prof. Stan Gielen - December 2015
download (pdf, 744 kB)

Egera charter for gender-sensitive governance

Higher education institutions remain characterized by strongly embedded gender inequalities, such as lower access of women to senior and decision-making positions and gender-biased practices in assessing academic performance. This Charter aims at raising the awareness of these issues and to provide an encouragement to take action, by outlining principles to enhance gender equality in the governance of research and higher education institutions.

Signed by the dean of the Faculty of Science Prof. Lutgarde Buydens - January 2017
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