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Below you find an overview of recent and future events taking place at the Faculty of Science (and larger events at the University) that are related to Gender and Diversity.


June 16  GenDi day 2022: Diversity in Education

The annual diversity day will focus on diversity and inclusion in education. Is our study program as inclusive as we would like it to be? What can we do to increase the inclusiveness in the current time, also taking the challenges and chances of increasing internationalization into account.


June 1 Diversity and Inclusion in Science 2021

How has the current restriction of social contacts and the predominance of working or studying from home affected integration of new staff members and students. What can we learn from this situation?

April 14 Girls Day

Researchers from the Radboud Astrophysics department participates in the the Girls Day 2021 to encourage girls to pursue science. They provide a guest-lecture to female high-school students from the Candea College in Duiven and the SSGN in Nijmegen

March 22 - March 26 Anti racism awareness week

This week is intended to be a week of conversations, discussions and debates where everyone is invited into a safe and inclusive space to discuss issues that are relevant globally, within the Netherlands, Nijmegen community and within the Radboud community of students and staff.