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Pregnancy information table

General / Health

Work / Human Resources



First Trimester

- Arrange midwife appointment (Verloskundige) for 1st scan (at 8 weeks usually).

- Obtain due date certificate from midwife (at 11 weeks usually).

Think about/start:

- Read up on pregnancy and birth in the Netherlands.

- Read up on maternity, paternity & parental leave.

- Research childcare options.

In case of sick leave during pregnancy, contact HR.

Think about/start:

-Inform supervisor.

-Send due date certificate to HR at least 3 weeks before maternity leave starts (i.e. at least 7 weeks before your due date).

If you are unable to lecture/teach, contact your teaching coordinator.

Think about:

- Replacement supervisor for Ph.D. candidates (internal or external).

- You are not responsible for finding teaching replacement for your courses, but may have some ideas/thoughts.

If there are aspects in your research that might be a health risk during or after pregnancy (such as use of specific chemicals, long working hours,…) inform your supervisor at an early stage.

Think about:

- Changes to conference and travel plans.

- Possible 50K application (30k for postdocs) within the Faculty of Science to support research.

Second Trimester

- Register for postpartum care (Kraamzorg).

- Register for childcare. The closest childcare to the Huygens building is Kinderopvang Heyendael.

- Optional: Register for RU Faculty of Science buddy scheme (under construction)

- Inform supervisor and send due date certificate to HR at least 3 weeks before your maternity leave starts.

- Discuss tenure track/promotion criteria on your contract-> HR Note: Time-frame must not be extended, but criteria can be adapted.

- Discuss teaching replacement and proportional teaching reduction due to leave with teaching coordinator.

- Discuss replacement supervision for your Ph.D. candidates with your supervisor / the thesis promotor.

- Find (internal) replacement supervisor for bachelor/master students.

- Optional: Submit 50K application (30k for postdocs) to support your research (not teaching).

- Optional: Inform colleagues if your travel plans/research commitments have changed.

Third Trimester

- Optional: Sign up to the new parents WhatsApp group for the Faculty of Science.

- Inform your supervisor & HR if you plan to take extra parental leave (Ouderschapsverlof)

After the Birth

- Register the birth within 3 days at the city hall/online -> for baby’s social security number (BSN).

- Register for child benefits (Kinderbijslag) online.

- Register for childcare benefits (Kinderopvangtoeslag) online within 3 months of beginning childcare.

- Your consultatiebureau will contact you to arrange appointments to monitor your child’s growth and schedule their vaccinations.

-Employees have the right to breastfeed/express milk during working hours. In the Huygens building, there are two lactation rooms (HG01.035 & HG03.032). You can also use the breastfeeding room at Kinderopvang Heyendael.

Resuming supervision of PhDs:

In case your Ph.D. candidate has been supervised by someone other than the promotor/co-supervisor, discuss whether the temporary supervisor will continue their role (potentially becoming co-supervisor) or coauthor a paper with the Ph.D. candidate.


-For traveling with your family, request suitable accommodation (often conference organizers are able to help with this).

-Inquire whether there is extra childcare support at conferences or childcare rooms on campus.