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Mission & actions

The committee wants to make the faculty a good place for everyone where diverse talents are welcome and appreciated. It gives advice on gender and diversity related issues to the faculty board.

The work of the committee has resulted in the following outcomes.

Towards Equality in Science - Workshop for hiring and selection committees at the Science Faculty

This workshop for hiring and selection committees creates awareness on inequality in academia and the underlying processes contributing to it. It also provides concrete ideas on how to structure an inclusive recruitment and selection process when hiring scientific employees. Read more here.

Recruitment and job advertisements

The percentage of women on the scientific staff is quite low, especially at the level of permanent positions (2016 16%). The report Gender Policy 2016-2020: Towards Gender Equality in the Faculty of Science, proposes a number of actions to recruit and retain more women on the scientific staff. In particular, the report contains several recommendations on gender-neutral advertisement texts. The guidelines are meant as a self-help guide for everybody at the faculty writing job advertisement texts.

> Guidelines for gender sensitive recruitment of new staff (pdf, 268 kB)

Pregnancy leave

Giving birth to children puts women at a disadvantage relative to men at a crucial phase in their scientific career. Therefore, the faculty has initiated a program for additional financial support for scientists during and after pregnancy leave to safeguard their productivity and talent. They may use this money, for instance, to reduce their teaching load in the first year after pregnancy leave, to hire a postdoc to continue writing research proposals or doing research during their absence, or to revitalize their scientific network after their pregnancy leave.

> 50K regulation

Exit interviews

Since 2016, the faculty has initiated a procedure to have exit interviews with all leaving female scientists in order to better understand their reasons for leaving. The interviews are summarized in confidential reports which are analyzed by the faculty with the objective to propose measures that make our faculty a more attractive working environment for female scientists.

Do you have questions about these actions or do you have suggestions for future actions, please don't hesitate to contact us!