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Towards Equality in Science - Workshop for hiring and selection committees at the Science Faculty

[Update April 2020: Due to the corona crisis the workshop will be given in a slightly adapted form online until further notice. Registration goes as usual via the link below.]


The faculty board has asked the gender and diversity committee (GenDi) to set up and organize a workshop to reduce inequality in the hiring and selection process. A sub-committee of GenDi (consisting of Prof. Herma Cuppen, Dr. Inge Bleijenbergh, Prof. Renate Loll, Dr. Colin Logie, Dr. Claudia Lüttke) carefully planned a training program of half a day.

Goals of the training

  • Create awareness on inequality in academia and the underlying processes contributing to it
  • Create recognition of implicit bias at several stages in the hiring and selection process in themselves and others
  • Inspire BAC members to have concrete ideas on how to structure an inclusive recruitment and selection process


For whom?

The training is aimed at all permanent staff of the Faculty of Science who take part in hiring and selection committees for academic positions at all levels.

Compulsory from 2020

The faculty board requires all chairs of hiring and selection committees to have completed the training as of January 2020. As of January 2021 this requirement will be extended to all internal members of hiring and selection committees with a permanent contract.


The workshop will be given regularly to give ample opportunity to participate. To sign up to receive notifications for upcoming dates go to Radboudnet.


After the workshop we provide a short checklist with recommended actions. You can also find it here (pdf, 268 kB).