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Mission and vision

Our mission is to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge through outstanding education and ground-breaking research. In doing so, as a leading Faculty of Science we take our responsibility as a key actor in helping to find solutions for major societal and scientific challenges.

Download our Strategic Plan 2021-2025: Science with Impact (pdf, 2,5 MB)


Good science

Good science is what we stand for. This means cutting-edge science at the highest level that is both scientifically and societally robust and performed with the principles of open science in mind. Good science can only be achieved through the commitment of everyone, both individually and as a team. It is the fruit of diversity of knowledge and a variety of approaches and it thrives in an inspiring environment.


Through our research, we strive to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge in order to arrive at creative solutions for the challenges that lie ahead in the coming decades, both scientifically and societally. Therefore, as a community of researchers, students, and colleagues working in the professional support services, we seek a close connection with our environment, both locally and globally.


Through education, we strive to share expertise, knowledge, and the principles that everything that we stand for with our students. They can thus push their boundaries academically and scientifically, and optimally develop their ‘future self’ on a global and diverse playing field. We offer them scientific knowledge at the highest level and a rich learning environment based on diverse approaches.

They leave the university as a new generation of professional researchers and as young academic professionals, who are ready to take responsibility in tomorrow’s society.

Download our Strategic Plan 2021-2025: Science with Impact (pdf, 2,5 MB)