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Rewatch Alumni Lectures

Did you know that we record most of our alumni lectures? You can now watch our lectures whenever it suits you. Or even rewatch a lecture you already visited.

Below, you can find the lectures recorded in English. If you want to view all available lectures, including the Dutch editions, check our YouTube channel!

8 September 2022

Alumni lecture: Going to the ends of the Earth to detect cosmic particles
dr. Katharine Mulrey

30 June 2022

Novel anaerobes in the microbial methane and nitrogen cycle
prof. dr. Mike Jetten

12 May 2022

Paris Agreement-compatibility of CO2 capture and utilisation technologies
Kiane de Kleijne

10 March 2022

Solid-State NMR Studies for Energy Conversion and Storage

prof. dr. Arno Kentgens

9 December 2021

Environmental Sustainability with Industry 4.0

dr. Jeroen Jansen

15 September 2021

Does Science Correct Itself?

dr. Willem Halffman

3 March 2020

Integrating Chemistry, Physics and Biology to understand life
dr. Kinga Matula and Karina Nakashima

14 December 2019

The Marvels of the
Memory System

dr. Francesco

15 December 2018

Quantum Computers
vs. Digital Security
dr. Simona Samardjiska

7 September 2018

Memory and Sleep

dr. Lisa Genzel

26 January 2018

Imaging Black Holes

prof. dr. Heino Falcke