Welcome to the Department of Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Biology.

The principal focus of Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Biology is to unravel biogeochemical and ecological key processes explaining the functioning and services of wetland ecosystems - covering freshwater, brackish and marine systems - including the interactions between organisms, surface waters, sediments, groundwaters and the atmosphere. Particular attention is payed to plant-microorganism interactions (including mutualisms) that play an important role in carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur cycling. We apply our biogeochemical and ecological insights in the conservation and restoration of wetland ecosystems including lakes and rivers (conservation biology) and in sustainable solutions for water treatment and agriculture. For our research, the analysis of relevant processes in the field situation is combined with experiments in the field, and in greenhouse, mesocosms and microcosms.


Video abstract of our recently published article in Nature Communications

Ireland movie: sampling an oligotrophic soft water lake